Q: The new company delivered a garbage cart to my neighbor, but not to me.  Who do I call?
A: This will be reconciled according to tax records and if you have been missed, they will deliver a can asap.

Q: I paid for two garbage carts but was only delivered one cart, who do I call?
A: If you paid for two carts call 912.462.5256, press 2 then ask for Scott. A list was created for those who purchased two carts and will be corrected asap.

Q: I have not received a garbage cart, who do I call?
A: Please call Republic, 912-715-7636. This number will direct you to a live person that will be able to assist you.

Q: When will the new company begin picking up garbage?
A: Republic will begin their pick up on Friday May 1st 2020

Q: On what day of the week can I expect my garbage to be picked up? 
A: It has been being picked up on Tuesday, will it continue to be picked up on Tuesday?
You will have the same day schedule as before.

Q: What is the last day Advance Disposal will pick up?
A: Advance’s last day for pick up will be on Thursday April 30th.

Q: When will Advance Disposal pick up the green trash carts that we used with them?
A: Advance has not given us a date for pick on their carts. We recommend leaving them curbside for no more than a week. After that you will need to move them from the curb and Advance will have to determine how they will pick them up later.

Q: If the new company does not deliver a cart to my address, and I still have an Advance Disposal cart at my address, can I use it until I get a new cart from the new company?
A: NO!… Advance will no longer be picking up waste and Republic will not pick up anything that is not in their carts.

Q: I have called the number to the Board of Commissioners office with questions about the new garbage company and not getting a cart, and I was instructed to dial “3” for all “trash and trash related issues”, which directed me to Advance Disposal.  When will I be able to communicate with someone about the new Company? 
A: Advance Disposal cannot answer the questions I have.
The prompts are being updated and will reflect the update by May 1st.

Please call republic for any cart related issues at 1-912-715-7636